TFC Creatives


TFC Creatives



    After graduating from Tama University, she entered Tohokushinsha Film Corporation in 2009. She debuted as a planner in 2010 and as a director in 2016.

    She likes sweets, food, kids, idols, characters, and music. She also creates the character designs for cute mascots.

    She is a Finalist for the Young Cannes in 2014.

■NHK Let's make it with Alice! / Dragon Lunch box /Let's make it with Alice! Chopstick holder
■Recruit SUUMO Train channel Did you know?SUUMO
■NHK TV Program All Body Parts Alive ■Self-Produce Animation Sumo from A to Z
■2018 NHK Strange Japanese Language Hot Spring / Strange Japanese Language Izakaya
■Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival ■Young Cannes2014 ■Charaborn Digital Signage
■BS Asahi Campaign Tokyo Metro Digital Signage ■Tokyu Hands Shop Movie ■Suntory Horoyoi Shop Movie
■NORITZ WEB& Shop VP ■Tokyo Sky Tree Round Theatre Outlook Kabuki Announcement
■Mitsubishi Electronic Building Techno-service ELE- Quick ELE-Quick ■Coca Cola Qoo Domestic Fruit
■Lawson Shop Digital Signage Hang in there, Sayo!! ■Softbank April Fool's Movie Homaid
■NH Foods Ltd. Mori No Kaori Good Taste in the Forest Direct Flame (Diretion: only a live action part)
■JAPAN POST Greeting Cards Overturning a low table/ Feel Moisturized
■JAPAN POST ONE PIECE Greeting Cards Maker Wanted Worker with reward/ Wanted Student with reward
■Meiji Kinoko No Yama Kinoko's Echo Teaser
■Japan Coca Cola Qoo Moving LINE Stamp Annoucement (For Twitter) ■Bourbon Petit Bear Moving LINE Stamp
■Nextbeat Recruit Web Movie ■Softbank FIT Electricity
■Softbank Web Golf Program Aya Ezawa Nice Shot ■Pilot Acroball Web TVC BOVA Entry Work
■Saishunkan Co., Ltd. Crystal of Meguri ■Pizza Hat Character Design for Iberian Pig
■Bova Entry Work Pilot Acroball Help