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    After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, he entered Tohokushinsha Film Corporation as a director. He is also a member of Hi-Gunz.

    He produces film with theme of "Love and Peace". He is also known as a creator of "Mukechin", a character that teaches the sexual difference in gender. Other than directing, he does songs, narration, illustration, and animation as well. He loves Kung-Fu movies and Jackie Chan. He is good at filming song related project and music video. He can provide a lot of fun work.


    His nominated and awarded works as follows; Gold at ACC 2016 in Interactive Section, Finalist and Region Finalist at ACC in 2016, Gold Camera Award in Education Section: Pre-school/ Kindergarten Category at U.S. International Film and Video Festival in 2016, Excellence Award at Shizuoka Prefecture Advertisement in 2015, Kinki Region Award at ACC 2015, The Best Rookie Award at OCC in 2015, Kentaro Kimura Award and Shibuya Award at My Japan Award 2014, Fashionable Award at Shiseido FOGBAR 4 AUDITION in 2011, The Best Idea Award and 7th Public Advertisement Student Award in 2011.

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■UHA MIKAKUTO Kororo Kororo Dwarf
■Meiji Adult's Kinoko No Yama & Adult's Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Snack 6 Sec. Adult's Theater Kinoko and Takehiko
■SUNTORY ‐196℃ Strong Zero 【Official】 God Body Unit Double le monmon MV
■SUNTORY ‐196℃ Strong Zero Frozen Lemon Maru God Crush 196 Hand ■Nissui Kurose Yellowtail
■MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Snow Brand Coffee 55th Anniversary now & then 
■Nissin Cisco Coconut Sable Coconut3:20 Song 【FULL ver.】 Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
■Canon Marketing Japan EOS M5 Are you satisfied with Mirrorless?
■Y! mobile Shop Extreme Confessing ■Miyazaki Prefecture Takahara- city PR Movie -GOD WALK in TAKAHARU Tenson Girl-
■Sex Educating Animation Mukechin ■yonekyu Gotenba Takahara coarse-grained Pork Gote Ara Po Song Live action ■callbee Fruits Lady's Song
■KIRIN Mets Japanese Instruments Band ■JNB DEBIT GIRL
■adidas football Japan National Soccer Team New Uniform 0.01 sec

■MV Mai Kuraki Serendipity
■MV TFC RECRUIT 2017 Ready and Go!
■MV Katsujiro Katsu Lukewarm Bath for Katsujiro

[TV Program]
■NHK E-Tele Gochisong DJ Fun Vinegared Rice Rolled in Nori etc, Regular cast