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TFC Creatives



    Born in Hokkaido. After she studied Graphic Design at Tama Art University she entered Tohokushinsha Film Corporation as a director. She has experience in working as a temporary transfer at 17 JUNANA INC.
    Currently she works as a director and a planner at Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.

    She loves music that she becomes VJ sometimes.

    Her nominated and awarded works as follows; JAC Remarkable Director of the Year in 2015, JAC Remarkable Director of the Year in 2010, and Finalist for Film Lion Young Cannes in 2010.


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■Lotte Ice CM Monaou Family Ties Ice ■Lotte Ice CM Lady Borden W Prince Campaign
■THE DAI-ICHI LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY TVCM Businessman Senryu  ■JRA UMAJO My First Time/ I Became a Fan 

■Aiful Corporate Ad Aiful Run Series  ■7&i Holdings CM Ito Yokado Christmas My Wish
■Kameyama Co. Living a Life Together ■Tochigi Prefecture PR campaign Ootawarashi
■Otsuka Pharmaceutical SOYJOY If I was not hungry then, the history might have changed. 
■ANA Discount REVIEW "Travel Girl"Series ■World Vision Japan The Life Tree Project ■Lifenet Insurance Cost Percentage

■Google x JAXA The Space Hangout  ■JAC Remarkable Director The Chain of Manner
■Global Data Imoto's Wifi ■Florida Grapefruit Three Steps 

■PV toconoma Vermelho de sol
■PV C&K Would You Be Next To Me?

■FOUR SEEDS Pizza-La Pizza Black ■KIRIN Bitters Rebellion of Chuhai Team
■KIRIN Mets Cola The Summer of Mets Brothers ■TOKYU LIVABLE,INC Did you know?」 ■Nissay Momories of 125 Years

TV Program
■E tele Judge ]irattara Dance
■Super! drama TV FUTAMATA: Want both, Love and Travel
■Google election Election 2012