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TFC Creatives



    Born in Shizuoka. After graduating from Tama Art University, he joined Tohokushinsha Film Corporation in 2001 and started his career as a director in 2003.

    He is father of a kid who quit smoking from three years ago and drinks a bit. He used to live close to office, but now lives away from office.

    His nominated and awarded works as follows; Grand-Prix in Media MIX Section at Fuji Sankei Group Advertisement Award in 2006, Gold Lotus at ADFEST 2007, Grand-Prix in Public Section at Dentsu Award TVC in 2011, etc.

■Cygames Corporate Ad Tenshin Nasukawa Shadow/Tenshin Nasukawa KO ■Daito Trust Construction Dkselect To Myself Back Then
■SHIKI THEATRE Aladdin What is Your Wish? Housewife ■Nisshin Foods Grotta Azzurra "Ordinary Temperature" "Frozen Food" ■SUNTORY HOLDINGS Iyemon Quality series
■Mitsubishi Motors GMS2017 ECLIPSE-CROSS MIND ■SEIKO PROSPEX Challenge to the Deep Sea ■KIRIN Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma Feelings for the Research
■ITO EN Ogon Oolong Tea New Premium Oolong Tea(Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)) ■KOSE COSMEPORT GRACE ONE ■AOYAMA TRADING series from year 2009 thru 2012
■JA Corporate Ad Supporting our Future ■NIKE Japan JUST DO IT Takashi Uchiyama/ Miki Ando/ Jessica Michibata
■Daihatsu Motor TANTO Exe Never Changing Father/ Nosy Daughter/ Father, on a Sunny Day ■SUNTORY HOLDINGS Iyemon History of Kyoto/ Blending
■AC Japan Campaign in Japan To See Our Feelings/ Supporting Campaign The Words of Osim
■Dydo DRINCO Coffee Blend 35years x 35th Anniversary ■Panasonic Alauno Washing with Bubbles
■Kewpie Sparkling Energy Eat, Enjoy, Enrich ■KYOWA HAKKO Corporate Ad To the City/ To the Hospital ■House Foods The Hotel Curry
■Shiseido TSUBAKI New Spring TSUBAKI 2008 RED / New Spring TSUBAKI 2008 WHITE ■TFC Short Movie Puchimu ATARI