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TFC Creatives



    Based in Yokohama. After graduating from Tama Art University, he joined Tohokushinsha Film Corporation in 2000.

    With the sense of balancing left and right brain, he is able to use logical thinking and visual expression simultaneously. Using this ability, he can direct many different types of project such as typical celeb-centered works, comedy dialogues, something pop or bizarre. While he is good at project which requires technical experience with detailed edit and composit, he thinks sensation of liveliness and inspiration are also important. He is also good at creating works that require music and rhythm. He cherishes the importance of communication to create high quality contents that brings joy.

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■Asahi Beer Asahi The Dream The Land of Tasty ■Aiful Hotel Aiful series
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■ANA Narita Airport Terminal1 Chasing a Dog ■Fuji Television Network Promotion for TV program Falling in Love with Ugly Her ■JT Tsujiri Till the Last Drop
■NTT docomo new9series Let's Go with the MUSIC ■Nippon Television Network Promotion for TV program Black Variety ■Coca Cola DASANI Creation
■ Fujishoji CR Space Cruiser Yamato Appreance of Yuki Mori ■PSP Talkman Announcement of Marriage ■SUNTORY HOLDINGS BLACK BOSS Aerial Photography of Tokyo City
■Unicharm Center-in Kawaii Item ■King Records The World Roots Music Library The Best Album of Humanity
■Nissin Food Products Cupnoodle DREAM! series ■ HottoMotto Summer Lunchbox Beef Steak, It's Summer
■Eisai ChocolaBB Sparkling Burst Bomb ■Toyota Prius Everyone's Feelings and others
■Sunstar Ora2 Brushing After Lunch ■Takeda Pharmaceutical Alinamin V Crew and others ■SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Corporate Ad
■Pola White Shot Yoko Morishita ■Asahi Beer Kanoka Kanoka-ish Dance and others
■DAIKIN INDUSTRIE Clear force Z The Reflecting Room ■SEIBAN Angel Wings Supporting the Growth of Six Years
■Lotte XYLITOL Gum While Eating ■Lotte XYLITOL White White now on sale
■TACTI James Happy Garage Bazaar and others
■UING Green Farm Farm in the Living Room and others